July’s Student of the Month: Luiza Roberta Bin!

Field of Study: Biomedical Sciences
U.S. Host Institution: Western Kentucky University

What was your favorite moment or event in Spring 2015?

Photo: Luiza Roberta Bin

Luiza Roberta Bin, July’s Student of the Month

During the spring 2015 semester, so many good things happened. First of all, over Spring break, my friends and I took an adventurous trip to Georgia (that was a crazy event because we almost didn’t arrive there, and almost couldn’t return – traveling by bus in the US is hard). But everything that occurred gave us funny stories we will remember all our lives. And through the semester, many meetings with international students came about, and made me more involved in different cultures. I also attended a Bob Dylan Concert, and it was amazing, incredible and unbelievable. (However, I think Americans do not know how to enjoy a concert. In my opinion, to be quiet is not the best way to have fun, but I know that this is their culture and I respect it.) And furthermore, I finished the semester with good grades, even though I had some doubts about it.

All these things made my Spring 2015 great, but I am completely sure about my favorite moment. Not one of these compared to the Annual Sports Banquet at Western Kentucky University (WKU).

Throughout my entire life I was engaged in sports, which have allowed me to grow mentally and physically. Since I was a child, my father encouraged me to do sports like soccer and volleyball. In elementary and high school, I distributed my time between study and sports. I made so many different friends, including peers, professors, coaches, and other players. They contributed to the construction of my personality, especially in a group or team context. While I was with them, I had to follow rules and I had to respect different kinds of people – an essential skill for living in society. Sports also helped me physically (in bone, muscle and endurance development), and in forming a healthy diet. At college in Brazil I was involved mainly in soccer, and I did not want to miss this activity when I came to USA. Thus, I looked for a way to actively keep up my growth in sport activities.

For the sake of personal happiness, I looked into the women soccer club at WKU; I became a member there and got involved. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be. To find the group itself was not difficult (because in the U.S., sports are big deal and the students are always encouraged to participate), but staying in this group was difficult. I spent 2 hours every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in training and practices. I was not fluent in English at the beginning, so the communication during the practices and games was the biggest hurdle. In some moments, I thought about giving it up. But this attitude would be opposed to what I have learned in all my sports life. I stayed with it, and through the days and months, and I have developed the capacity to communicate, and I approached everyone in the team. It has been a cycle, because the more I communicated, the more I approached people, and consequently the more I communicated – and the cycle never stops. In addition to the practices, we had some trips to play at other Universities, and those were yet another platform for me to get more involved in the sport and to develop my English. My involvement became bigger with each passing day.

Then, at the end of spring, all students involved in sports clubs were invited to the Annual Sports Banquet, including me. This event marked the end of the sports clubs activities for the semester. The food was delicious and everybody had a big special free meal. The most anticipated time in the night was when the awards for best players were released. To my surprise, I was nominated the “Athlete of the Year.” I received my award with beautiful speech. They announced in public my achievements and spoke about my development in the team since the difficult beginning. That moment, I knew that I had done my best. I knew that I had fully received what these people and this experience could offer me. They gave me a family in USA, with which I could have the best feelings. That moment confirmed that the sport made me a better person. It does not matter where you are; you can be who you are, and you can achieve the things that make you feel well.

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