Ângelo Jerez Chaves, Iowa State University

Name: Ângelo Jerez Chaves

Host Institution: Florida State University

Academic Training Site: Iowa State University

Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering

For my Academic Training, I developed a research project together with REU (Research Experience for Undergrads) at Iowa State University. The goal of the project was to study numerically a physical phenomenon that occurs on wind farms using an open source program called OpenFOAM. During my AT, I was able to visit many wind farms as well as energy transmission companies, such as MISO in Minneapolis.


Ângelo with other students from the REU program

The best part of my AT was when I got to visit the energy companies. During the visits, I was able to learn more about the American energy supply structure, what impact renewable energy can have on old energy distribution systems, and how to integrate newer technologies into the already established older ones. Aside from the more academic part of the program, I was also able to meet people from all over the U.S. These friends were so helpful in making my stay  more pleasant and showed me a lot of interesting parts of American culture.

Angelo 2

Ângelo during the final project presentation.

I learned so many important things during my AT, but the most important was learning how to conduct research as well as following all of the necessary steps in order to publish an article about the research. I also learned how to interact with many different kinds of people, which is a very important skill to have when conducting research.

Angelo s'more

Ângelo tries S’mores for the first time with friends.

I learned so many things while conducting my research at Iowa State. I intend to use the knowledge I gained to conduct another study using the same field and to possibly use it as my final graduation project.

IIE Note: Iowa State’s engineering website featured Angelo’s research. Take a look here.

Note from Ângelo’s supervisor:

“We were very pleased to have Angelo as a member of our summer undergraduate research program.  His project was very successful and provided new insight on the aerodynamics of wind farms.  His work demonstrated that undergraduates can make very valuable contributions to cutting-edge engineering research programs.”