Yaissa Siqueira, Nvidia Corporation

Name: Yaissa Siqueira
Host Institution: Ithaca College
Academic Training Site: Nvidia Corporation
Field of Study: Computer Science

During my Academic Training experience, I was a system software engineering intern at Nvidia Corporation, a company that manufactures Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). I was responsible for creating a web integrated database system that managed the company’s camera equipment. I started and finished the project during my internship.

Yaissa Nvidia

Yaissa in front of Nvidia

 My internship was challenging because I had to create the tool by myself. My tutor and manager were there to guide me by discussing ideas and telling me how they envisioned the project. My tutor was extremely helpful. He was always willing to answer any questions I had and taught me so many new things. I had many meetings with the camera software team, as well. I had to present the progress of my work to them as they were going to be the people who would use the tool. These meetings improved my presentation and communication skills and also helped me to network. Learning these skills through hands-on work was certainly the best part about my AT experience.

The most important thing I learned during my AT was to be more confident. My manager had very high expectations of me. She wanted me to be proactive and to sometimes learn things by myself. I now feel more comfortable taking on responsibilities and feel more confident in my work as a whole.

My experience at Nvidia continues to benefit me today. Having already created a project independently at a large company made it much easier to get an internship in Brazil. I am now working at Radix Engenharia & Software as a software intern developing web systems.

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