Cassio Miranda Coelho Barbosa, Rigaku Corporation

Name: Cassio Miranda Coelho Barbosa
Host Institution: Lawrence Technological University
Academic Training Site: Rigaku Corporation
Field of Study: Engineering

I  was an intern at Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc. (Auburn Hills, Michigan) from May to August, 2013. My primary responsibility was to assist the engineer Troy Glatfelter in the development of several new laser trimming and cutting processes. This included working with a Nd:YAG pulsed laser and a 6-axis motion control system and CNC software to cut, score and trim various materials, including various types of crystal wafers and optical quality glasses. The goal was to introduce new processes into production to replace current processes, thus realizing a significant gain in quality and cost of manufacturing the end products.

Cassio & Supervisor

Cassio and his supervisor at Rigaku

The best parts of my Academic Training experience were when I started to programming the CNC and got good results that led us to the success in the project and when I received my recommendation letter from my friend, professor and boss Troy Glatfelter whom I worked and learned a lot with.

Cassio's Award

Cassio received a “Gold Special Performance Award” from Rigaku for his Academic Training.

The most important thing I learned from my AT experience was how to fit in a part of a whole project as an engineer. I also learned how to manage time and budget to optimize the process regarding making decisions about what to do or not to do. When I return to Brazil, I Intend to start my own business, but I will apply these experiences to everything I do from now on.

Note from Cassio’s supervisor:

I have found Cassio to be a very gifted individual. I have worked with many interns during my more than 30 years of career as a scientist and engineer and have found him to be the best intern I have worked with…He consistently demonstrated an ability to pick up new concepts very quickly, work independently and I found him to be an instinctively curious person, a wonderful attribute for an engineer.