Guilherme Mateus Magalhaes, The Boeing Company

Name: Guilherme Mateus Magalhaes
Company: The Boeing Company
School and Field of Study: North Carolina State University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

For my internship with The Boeing Company, I went to Seattle to get in touch with the new challenges related to the aerospace industry. In all, 32 BSMP grantees who were studying aerospace were invited to participate on a special program that taught us a lot during the whole summer, at the same time we had a lot of fun.

Guilherme Plane

During the summer we had many classes taught by the best professors in each field on very important topics nowadays, such as the utilization of composites, systems engineering and aeroelasticity. We visited many Boeing facilities, like the Everett factory, another in Frederickson, and one in Philadelphia, to see the production of the commercial and defense aircraft.

Guilherme Capes

Guilherme with Donna Hrinak (President of Boeing Brazil) and Dr. Jorge Guimarães (President of CAPES) at the BSMP Boeing program’s closing ceremony.

The first two weeks we had the Biofuel Project, which was a competition among the 32 Brazilians. Five groups were supposed to create a project choosing the best feedstock, chemical process and logistics to develop a new supply chain that has a great positive impact on the environmental, social and economical scenario. My group came up in first place, with the idea of a supply chain using sugar cane bagasse and municipal solid waste, provided by the biggest cities in Brazil: Campinas and Sao Paulo.

What I liked the most was to get in touch very deeply in the aerospace industry; Boeing was able to provide me a lot of information, and it’s very interesting how everything I’ve been learning in the university can be put together in a real situation. What helped me the most in this case was touring the factories. The most important thing I learned was to be more comfortable and confident speaking in public and making presentations to a big crowd.

Guilherme was able to see many parts of Boeing's operations during his Academic Training.

Guilherme was able to see many parts of Boeing’s operations during his Academic Training.

As an overview of my summer, I’ve never learned and had so much fun in such a small period of time. Boeing provided us all the best we could get. From the academic perspective, I am sure I learned things that changed my point of view on engineering as a whole, and this encourages me to study harder and to get even more interested in the aerospace industry. From the personal perspective, I met many powerful people I would never imagine I could meet: John Tracy, the Senior Vice President of Boeing’s Engineering, Operations and Technology division; Donna Hrinak, the President of Boeing Brazil; Jorge Guimarães, the President of CAPES, and we also visited the Brazilian Ambassador’s residence in Washington D.C., where I got to meet many people that represent my country in the U.S.

Guilherme and friends in Philadelphia

Guilherme and friends in Philadelphia

Above all, I made many friends during these last months. Most of them are my Brazilian colleagues, some of them are Boeing employees, some are Boeing partners (Future of Flight), and one of them is an awesome bus driver who was always very nice to all of us. All of them are part of a very dear memory of a summer I will never forget.

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