Isabella Brito, SUNY Buffalo with Bradley Wales Architecture

Name: Isabella Brito
Host Institution: SUNY Buffalo
Academic Training Site: SUNY Buffalo on projects with Bradley Wales Architecture
Field of Study: Architecture

For her summer internship, Isabella worked on “The Front Yard Project” with one of her professors. The Front Yard is an outdoor permanent installation at the Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY. The project’s goal was to create a new media gallery that supports projects that incorporate electronic images and sound.

Isabella Brito_blog

Isabella with Bradley Wales, her Academic Training supervisor

My academic training experience here in the United States is something I wouldn’t have anywhere else. The Front Yard project started in Fall semester as a course and continued into Spring as an independent study. I became an intern with my supervisor, SUNY Buffalo professor Brad Wales during the Summer. In my academic training in his firm, I learned that nothing should only exist on paper, instead you should think ahead and imagine “What kind of information would the worker need in the field, and what can I provide to him right now in the drawings?”

The Front Yard Project

The final product!

The design utilizes different materials and techniques that have to be re-incorporated together. Thinking towards the needs of worker is something that changed my perception of architecture drawings forever, and the opportunity of being behind the design decisions is unique for an undergrad student. This professional work experience is something I’ll bring with me back to Brazil, and it really represents overcoming the gap that separates student work from a professional architect’s work.

IIE Note: Isabella’s project was also featured in local media!